It is a “multi-tasking” essential oil! It has strong antimicrobial (antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic), anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It naturally reinforces our body’s ability to fight common health ailments, so that we can limit the use of drugs such as antibiotics and avoid the risk of antimicrobial or antibiotic resistance. This happens when medicines become ineffective and infections persist because harmful microorganisms are overexposed to antimicrobial drugs and develop tolerance to them. You can read more in our blog!

We put many methods to the test and you can find all our suggestions in our blog! Our high-quality, pure and undiluted oregano essential oil can be used externally and internally*. It is a hot essential oil, so you should always dilute it. Of course, although its use is approved and its benefits are backed up by numerous studies, you still need to check with your doctor or naturopath before using it.

*The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized oregano essential oil as a safe and potable substance (Generally Recognized As Safe-GRAS). Also, carvacrol has been approved for food use by the European Union (Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 872/2012).

One single drop of our Greek oregano organic essential oil is distilled out of approximately 15 gr of dried oregano (1/3 of a cup). Could you eat all this quantity at once? We certainly couldn’t. Instead, we can enjoy all the concentrated beneficial properties in just one drop. That simple.

Could you imagine that a 5ml bottle equals to 2,5 kg of dried oregano? It contains approx. 150 drops of essential oil, so it will cover your needs for more than a year (a little goes a long way).

To do so would certainly be easier. But we feel that something important would be lost. We would lose our personal contact with our plants and the close production control, from planting to bottling. You would lose the direct chain that allows us to offer you the fairest price for the premium quality we deliver.
We enjoy healthy trade as much as we enjoy growing herbs. But by choosing to grow herbs ourselves, we also hope to inspire other farmers to address you directly, adding value to the experience they offer you.
(Edit – note to self: Since we started, we met many small farmers with great products that find it difficult to market themselves. And at times the idea of helping them reach more people is becoming very tempting…)

To offer you exactly what we would best want for ourselves!
Organic farming produces good food and good food improves health. To use agrochemicals would be harmful; who wants harmful residues in their body? Farming with chemical treatments only depletes the soil and produces unhealthy crops.
We follow organic farming principles, as a part of our agroecological orientation, to regenerate the soil, offering you quality, healthy products of high nutritional value.
It is worth every effort to ensure a really pure, natural, certified organic essential oil, produced and distilled without the use or addition of chemicals*.

*Despite the help of technology (link) it is impossible to accurately predict the carvacrol percentage in any oregano essential oil. Nonetheless, we would never add synthetic carvacrol or any other recourse to our product in order to ‘standardize’ a minimum carvacrol percentage, as many oregano essential oils on the market do.

So that you can trust us, even though you don’t know us personally.
As you may know, many essential oils claim to be organic, pure, and natural without having official certification though. Could you trust this claim, if you knew that heavy use of chemical pesticides and herbicides is a common practice even in herb growing? Even though responsibility doesn’t need certification, it is important to follow commonly agreed rules that verify our principles.
Those that have met us personally know that even without the official organic certification we would always apply the same, regenerative practices.
But being officially certified organic, ensures you that our products are truly organic, natural and pure, even when you don’t know us personally.

It offers reliable information through all the often misleading media buzz on new miracle products popping up constantly.
We search and upload reliable scientific articles to help you understand the proven benefits of natural products like ours.
We also keep testing our products, in collaboration with Research Institutes so that you get the best possible natural quality.

Technology allows us to offer you the best possible value for your money.
We use special cameras (multispectral and infrared) adjusted on drones, to collect data on the growth of our plants. Experts analyse it and indicate the optimal harvesting period, according to the increase of the substances we aim for. Remote sensing also helps us spot any imbalances in the field and target them specifically, reducing interventions.

To protect the quality of our products. They are the only ones proven to work as a natural filter, protecting our products from the harmful effects of light, through the science of biophotonics.
In this way you are certain that our products retain their potency and quality for longer, even if the container is exposed to natural light during delivery or storage.

To protect biodiversity and offer future generations the variety of herbs we enjoy now. The demand for herbs has increased, which has led to overharvesting natural resources.
Instead of cutting small quantities, people (usually underpaid workers) illegally uproot the plants, decreasing and in some cases eradicating populations of herbs like, in Greece, oregano (Origanum vulgare Hirtum – our species) or mountain tea (Sideritis Scardica). We all need to pay attention to the origin of the herbs and the herbal products we buy. You can read more here.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any extra questions