It is a “multi-tasking” essential oil, with strong antimicrobial (antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic), anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It naturally reinforces your body’s ability to fight common health problems, so you can limit the use of drugs such as antibiotics, avoiding the risk of antimicrobial or antibiotic resistance. (This is when medicines become ineffective and infections persist because harmful microorganisms are overexposed to drugs and have developed tolerance to them.) You can read more in our blog!

We put many methods to the test and you can find all our suggestions in our blog! As long as you buy a high-quality, pure and undiluted oregano essential oil like ours, you can use it both for internal* and topical use. It is a hot essential oil, so you should always dilute it.  Of course, although its use is approved and its benefits are backed up by numerous studies, you still need to check with your doctor or naturopath before using it.

*The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized oregano essential oil as a safe and potable substance (Generally Recognized As Safe-GRAS). Also, carvacrol has been approved for food use by the European Union (Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 872/2012).

It’s the only way to guarantee that you are offered the best possible quality of essential oil from the best oregano plants, carefully grown with our personal care, with close control of the process from planting to bottling. Also, creating a chain as direct as possible, allows us to set the fairest prices for the premium quality we deliver, and invest in improving our practices instead of becoming mere middlemen profiting at the expense of other farmers. Hopefully, more farmers will dare to cross the line and try to reach the market directly, adding value to your experience.

One single drop of our Greek oregano organic essential oil is distilled out of approximately 15 gr of dried oregano (1/3 of a cup). Could you eat all this quantity at once? We certainly couldn’t. Instead, we can enjoy all the concentrated beneficial properties in just one drop. That simple.
Could you imagine that a 5ml bottle equals to 2,5 kg of dried oregano? It contains approx. 150 drops of essential oil, so it will cover your needs for more than a year (a little goes a long way).

Do you know that many products that claim to be organic, lack official organic certification? You would be surprised to find out how common the use of heavy pesticides and herbicides even in herb farms is (at least we were completely taken aback). Would you want their residues in your body? Would you trust someone who can’t prove that he  follows the organic certification protocol?
Maybe, if you knew him personally. But, do you? Trust is the reason why we are certified organic, although we would follow the same agroecological practices anyway. Even though weeding by hand is exhausting and although finding natural ways to face imbalances in the farm ecosystem can sometimes be troublesome, it is worth every effort so that you can enjoy the purest possible essential oil, cultivated and distilled organically, under common rules that certify our principles.

  • Aren’t you confused with all the media buzz on health recommendations about miracle ingredients? Can you rely on it? Scientific studies on the properties of our products allow you to know why you should embrace them. We search and upload reliable scientific articles that help you follow the recent research on the importance of natural products for your health and well being, getting past misleading information.
  • Did you know that many farming business are run without planning? How does it make you feel about what they produce? Research on our farm offers you the best possible value for money. We manage to keep our costs balanced with the quality achieved, through collaborating with Research Institutes and applying remote sensing and smart technologies that enable us to optimize the quality of our product(e.g. choosing the best harvesting time) while minimizing our inputs and interventions.  Traditional knowledge and practices are invaluable for our acroecological farming approach. But at the same time modern tools like drones and temperature/humidity sensors facilitate our work, broaden our perspective and add to your benefit.

So that you can be certain that the product you buy retains its durability and potency even if its container is exposed to natural light during delivery or storage.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any extra questions