Our story


With a background in different but interrelated disciplines, such as marketing, food technology, economics, law and even music (!), we decided to put our knowledge and skills together and focus more systematically on our common advancing interest in studying the medicinal-therapeutic properties of herbs and essential oils. Our passion for quality eventually drew us into experimenting with growing Greek herb varieties on a small scale, in order to produce our own essential oils.

In November 2013 we planted a section of some family land in northern Greece, near Thessaloniki, and in summer 2014 were excited to have our first Greek oregano essential oil production. Its quality exceeded our expectations and encouraged us to extend the farm, considering the option of addressing the needs of more people interested in high quality Greek herbs and essential oils. We chose to focus firstly on Greek oregano, due to its unique beneficial properties, and progressively expand to other herb varieties.

The production kept gradually growing, along with our need to test and improve the quality characteristics of our produce. Our ongoing cooperation with researchers from the National Agricultural Research Foundation and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki started in March 2016, providing us with important information, among much else, on the appropriate harvesting time for achieving the best quality.

As the saga of our small family run farm continues, our encounters with motivated people who share and support our vision encourage us and inspire us to keep trying to offer high quality natural Greek products to people who want to improve their everyday life by choosing “drops of nature “.