Our story


We often think of us as a band with Michalis being the leader. He is the one who turned the “engine” on for this journey, taking the decisions, organizing, planting, weeding, answering phone calls and emails, sending orders, coming up with ideas and losing his sleep until he sees them come true.
Anastasia is the co-driver, the one responsible for what you see on the blog , on Instagram on facebook . On board are also our brothers, nephews and a few good friends willing to help when we need it. We all started from different backgrounds (marketing, food technology, economics, law and even music) but we had been flirting with farming since years in urban gardens, in a need to be connected with earth.
The moment to “take the big step” came when we found what inspired us. It was aromatic plants and their essential oils. We had been using them for years, but we could not find good quality Greek essential oils in the market, despite that there are approximately 1700 kinds of medicinal plants in Greece. So, we decided to create what we needed.
In 2013 we started experimenting in growing herbs on a small family land to produce essential oil. We fell in love with Greek oregano. It was all of its potent medicinal properties that are scientifically proven, but also its strong connection to Greek traditions since antiquity that put it in a special place in our heart. The first results of the essential oil were excellent, but this wasn’t enough for us. We wanted a constantly high quality. So we searched for partnerships with Research Institutes and Universities to study the quality characteristics of our essential oil production.
We collaborated with remarkable researchers that keep supporting us so that we can offer exactly what we would use ourselves. Our first Greek oregano essential oil produce was available in 2017 and since then we keep turning our ideas into reality, with careful, small steps. Welcome on board!