Aetheleon organic oregano essential oil

What’s the buzz about oregano essential oil?

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Aetheleon organic oregano essential oil

Oregano essential oil. Is it another trend?

Doesn’t it get a bit boring seeing one miracle ingredient popping after the next? Don’t get it wrong, it’s good that people get more and more interested in looking after themselves; especially when it’s done in a natural, holistic way. But hasn’t it gotten too far? Didn’t you just cringe when you read the word “holistic”? People used to consume news about pop stars; now they seem to feed off of information on that special natural ingredient that will improve their health. And then there is the next. And the next after that. Do these remedies even work? You can never be certain.

Getting to oregano essential oil, even Whole Foods makes an immunity shot with a couple of drops of this potent ingredient (tasted weird but did work!). People take oregano oil to fight colds, skin diseases and all sorts of ailments. Its use has spread so much so fast, that even the conventional research started picking up on it, proving that oregano essential oil has unique antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. So, it seems only fair that it’s trending, right?

Well, not exactly. Oregano has been used in herbal medicine for centuries and is even mentioned in ancient biblical texts. It isn’t something new. But the research is. The tradition goes hand in hand with the scientific evidence here; both roads leading to this little, beautiful, aromatic herb. Oregano has been used not only in herbal medicine but in the kitchen as well. Most Mediterranean food is laced with some of its aroma. It has been said that many herbivores eat it to balance their gut health (and it also partakes in the secret recipe of Feta; you see, feta is not just a white cheese. Its distinct taste comes from the herbs that the wild goats eat on the rocky mountains of Greece).

If only all these powerful properties could be condensed so that we don’t have to chew on oregano leaves all day at work… we would get a very potent vial full of oregano essential oil. And that’s exactly what we do. Aetheleon oregano organic essential oil is a product of personal passion and a lot of love. We figured that we put so much time and effort into this, we might as well make the best oregano oil possible. From the moment we picked our land, the organic native species to cultivate, caring personally for each and every plant, following all the way to getting that first drop of the finest oregano essential oil… we did nothing more but followed our vision to create excellence. Every step of the process has been fine-tuned in order to offer the purest possible essential oil of oregano. Not all oregano oils are created equal, but we can proudly say that our product deserves a place in every natural medicine cabinet.

Now that antibiotic resistance is on a whole new level and bacteria seem to survive even the strongest of antibiotics, we have a chance to look into those ancient ingredients that provide a natural alternative. Unlike conventional antibiotics, oregano essential oil does not strip our gut flora but is a strong immune booster. Moreover, this oil has a wound-healing effect if used in an ointment, reducing bacterial contamination at the same time. Oxidative stress is correlated with a number of degenerative disorders; however, the strong antioxidant character of oregano essential oil will help combat oxidation and aid proper detox. What is more, oregano is very rich in essential phytochemicals that we might be missing from our every-day diet. Phytochemicals provide positive mineral elements which are vital to fighting certain diseases. Lastly, oregano essential oil seems to be very active against certain fungi and bacteria such as candida albicans and epidermal staph infections.

The oil itself has a very strong taste and leaves behind a burning sensation. It doesn’t sound pleasant, but it’s all worth it, regardless. We have chosen one of the best tinted glass bottles, to preserve our essential oil and you only need a drop or two, so the bottle will last you a very long time. If you want any tips and tricks regarding its various uses, stay tuned. We will share all of our secrets and you won’t have to gag on oregano oil ever again. Starting here with some tips, order yours online from our eshop and welcome on board!